About Models

Model making as mistakenly known as Maquette making means to create a three dimensional sample of a sketch drawn on paper or computer software by a designer. Model making is about searching and discovery of "Form" or the "occupied space" by dividing the boundaries linking positive and negative spaces.

Industrial model making is about showing and demonstrating a preliminary sample of any product designed for mass production which could be made in any standard scale. The progress of model making is as follows:

1. Study Model,   2. Scale Model,   3. Maquette,   4. Mockup,   5. Prototype,   6. One off

Architectural model making is about creating the structure and building via standard scales with particular emphasis on "Form" to research in embodiment of new ideas inside the designer's mind that will eventually end in two general branches of preliminary and final models. Architectural model making includes the subgroups of sketch, diagram, context, filled and unfilled spaces, form, topography, texture, incision, feature and structure.